Element 3D – Brilliant plugin for After Effects – Watch the video !

3D news for Scandinavia by Vizcatz

Link:  http://www.vizcatz.com/Visualiseringsvideo.html – Down left at the page.

VIZCATZ brings 3D and FX news to Scandinavia

The California based company “Video Copilot” is well known among 3D and FX artists.

They have for years developed plugins for Adobes After Effects, but this time Andrew Kramer, which runs the company, has developed what many thought was impossible – a plugin, that enables the artist, to import real 3D objects in After Effect. This alone, is a major step forward for Film FX artists.

Its just like a dream come through for a lot of people working with 3D, film FX and commercial advertising. Many – like me – have used hours to illuminate 3D text inside After Effects.

If you do not work with 3D software, the plugin have more than 200 ready to use high definition objects. The only excuse not to buy is running out of money.

Particles and 3D

But it does not stop here. The Element 3D plugin, can even handle the imported 3D object as particles. Actually Element 3D have so many features, that we have added their demo video at our website. As soon as we have tested it, we will  write about Element 3D in depth.

Element 3D should be know to all 3D artists, which works in Adobe After Effects.


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